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This World Soil Day, Kellanova ANZ, parent company of Kellogg’s, is shining a light on how farmers are preparing for the upcoming El Niño summer season, with soil health at the very heart.

86% of Aussies are worried and nervous about what El Niño will bring to our farmers, with potentially drier conditions and drought. In addition, 40% of Australians feel it could have a devastating effect if Australia experiences a drought this summer. Aussies are concerned about bushfires[2], higher than average temperatures[3] and droughts.[4]

However, new research reveals that 9 in 10 Aussie farmers already have a plan in place to deal with drier weather;[5] Almost a third are confident the practices they use will help them prepare for potential drought.[6]

The Cool Soil Initiative is a ‘soil to spoon’ partnership involving almost 200 wheat, corn and canola farmers across eastern Australia, that encourages adoption of conservation agriculture farm management practices to help reduce Green House Gas emissions and improve soil health.

Soil health has been a key focus for farmers as they manage the changing conditions[7], with around two-thirds of farmers[8] prioritising improving soil health to help counteract drier weather patterns.

Chris Stevens, Director, Global Agribusiness at Kellanova, says: ‘Despite concerns from everyday Aussies, our research shows farmers have taken a proactive approach to prepare for current and future El Niño events – with the majority of farmers (74%) feeling less concerned now, than the past five years. Through the Cool Soil Initiative, there is evidence that an increase in organic matter in the soil improves the soils’ moisture-retaining capacity – meaning farmers are better able to prepare for and manage drier conditions.

‘We have been working closely with Australia’s farmers for 100 years, fostering strong relationships. Aussie suppliers are a vital part of our business and through initiatives like Cool Soil, we are proud to support the industry with valuable research and insights.’

This year, farmers have been proactively seeking information, help and advice to better prepare. Approximately 40% have reached out to experts[9], discussed options with their agronomist[10], as well as speaking to other farmers in the community[11]. Around 1 in 6 have also sought to upskill through education or training[12].

In partnership with Corson, PepsiCo, Mars Petcare, Manildra, Allied Pinnacle, Charles Sturt University, Food Agility and Sustainable Food Lab – Kellanova ANZ’s involvement in the Cool Soil Initiative is about helping farmers to implement new practices that will help improve soil health. In turn, this has a real impact on the ground, to identify long-term farming practices that have a tangible and meaningful benefit for their long-term viability and livelihoods.

At the same time, the project will help Kellanova ANZ deliver on its commitment to reduce the environmental impact of its business by reducing some of the greenhouse gas emissions that happen on farms in the supply chain.

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About the research:

Kellanova ANZ conducted research on over 1000 Australians aged 18-65+ years, nationally representative (in November 2023), in partnership with Pureprofile.

Kellanova ANZ conducted research on over 100 Australian farmers nationally in November 2023, in partnership with Pureprofile.




[1] 92%

[2] 44%

[3] 30%

[4] 17%

[5] 92%

[6] 30%

[7] Almost half of farmers (45%) have kept the soil as undisturbed as possible and covered the ground (46%) to retain moisture.

[8] 61%

[9] 42%

[10] 18%

[11] 38%

[12] 14%