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Become a backyard farmer in four hours – no green thumb required!

New online course teaches Australians how to grow own food to combat rising inflation

With food inflation one of the most concerning elements of rising cost-of-living, Endeavour Short Courses has created a new short online course that teaches Australians how to grow their own food in just four hours and for a fraction of the cost of a grocery shop ($49).

The Grow Your Own Food course teaches the essential skills and knowledge needed to grow herbs, fruit and vegetables, no matter how much space or experience a person has.

The course includes the basics such as how to get started from improving soil to what to plant when; the best growing options for individual circumstances such as container gardening or raised garden beds; how to care for plants including watering needs and dealing with pests; and how to harvest nutritious food so there is always a bounty of fresh food at your fingertips.

Because the course has been designed by a nutritionist and environmental scientist, it also includes insights into the benefits of seasonal eating, composting, incorporating bush foods such as warrigal greens and finger limes, the most nutritious foods to grow year-round and how to turn herbs and vegetables into delicious, healthy meals such as pumpkin risotto, cauliflower soup, basil pesto or even a mint mojito.

Endeavour Short Courses instructor, nutritionist and environmental scientist Sophie Scott said there were so many benefits to growing your own food and now was as good a time as any to get started.

Growing your own food is the simplest way to save money on groceries and ensure you are getting the freshest and most nutritious food. The price of fresh food is skyrocketing and while we can’t control the rising cost of living, it is possible to take one element into our own hands and grow some food at home. It can feel daunting at first but that’s why we’ve created this short course, to empower everyone to become educated in just a few hours and learn how to harvest their own food. Whether it’s a few herbs on the windowsill or a full-blown vegetable garden in the backyard or a community space, you can’t beat the freshness, flavour and quality of home-grown food, and you’ll never complain about the price.”

The Grow Your Own Food course is the latest in a series of short online courses developed by Endeavour Short Courses to empower Australians to take charge of their health and wellbeing. Other courses include Gut Health, Women’s Health, Mental Health, Natural Remedies, Nutrition for Weight Loss and Eco Living.

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